Visiting York?

Make the most of your time in York by completing a walk along England’s finest remaining city walls

When visiting historic York one of its must-see attractions are the ancient city defensive walls. They are the most complete city walls in England which you can not only admire but actually walk on! In fact you can make a complete circuit around the city, stopping to admire the imposing city gates and fine views of the city.

This detailed walking guide takes you on a tour of the 700 year old city walls . As well as giving practical step-by-step guidance on the route and what to look out for along the way, it is filled with the history, events and people that have played a part in York’s long and colourful past.

Visiting York - A Walking Guide to York's City Walls

See York from a new angle and make sure you don’t miss what others walk straight past!

  • find your way around when visiting York with detailed hand-drawn maps of each section
  • ensure you know what you are looking at with numerous photographs throughout
  • read about York Minster and the beautiful gardens the Walls overlook
  • suggestions for places to stop for refreshment breaks throughout
  • detours from the Walls to places of interest nearby are suggested throughout

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 A Walking Guide to York’s City Walls by Simon Mattam
Spring 2014

ISBN: 9780992900205

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