Best cafes and restaurants in York: Part 2

Continuing our exploration of the best cafes and restaurants in York…

Goji cafe

This small but perfectly formed vegetarian paradise is a few seconds walk from Monk Bar. It’s a deli as well as a cafe and the food is exceptional – much of it is vegan, too. With the house special mushroom burger, organic beers from local-ish brewery Sam Smiths, and an evening menu on Fridays and Saturdays, there really is something for everyone here. It is also perhaps the most incongruously located vegetarian cafe in the country, situated as it is next to the Blue Moon Gun shop.

Best cafes and restaurants in York - Goji vegetarian cafe and deli


Drake’s Fish and Chips

The national dish has never tasted better than from Drake’s and a visit to the city isn’t quite complete without ordering ‘one of each’ and sitting in St Helen’s Square to watch the street performers. However if you don’t want to sit outside – or the weather doesn’t let you – then there is also a restaurant behind the takeaway with the friendliest staff in the world. If you’ve never had scraps with your chips then now is your chance – they are free!

Best cafes and restaurants in York - Drake's Fish and Chips

Drake’s Fish & Chips – TripAdvisor reviews

Filmore & Union

If you are feeling guilty after the fish and chips then make your next stop Filmore & Union. It’s a small Yorkshire firm that believes in natural, wholesome and tasty food. The first floor is a cafe with many healthy options but the restaurant upstairs is where it comes into its own with quinoa salads, Turkey burgers, and broccoli and lentil cakes – ‘California-style’ healthy dishes, to quote F&U themselves. You can buy to take away – and the coffee is excellent too.

Best cafes and restaurants in York - Filmore & Union cafe

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