Best restaurants in York : Part 1

La Vecchia Scuola

Housed in the former York College for Girls, this Italian restaurant is a great place for a sophisticated lunch or a special evening meal. The imposing main room is supplemented by a conservatory that looks out onto the delightful garden, which is completely hidden from view from the busy main street. Many unsuspecting visitors never realise what lovely ambience, and food, await them inside.

Best restaurants in York - La Vecchia Scuola


Michael’s Brasserie

Just yards away from La Vecchia Scuola, Michael’s Brasserie is a family run restaurant based in Galtres Lodge, a lovely boutique hotel in the city centre.  As well a full three-course meals, you can pick up snacks and one of the best breakfasts in town. The focus is on quality food that is locally sourced – an extensive dinner menu includes such wholesome fare as roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, tuna loin steak and lamb shanks – and a friendly service that is typically Yorkshire.

The best restaurants in York - Michael's Brasserie


Stonegate Yard

Is it a pub? Is it a restaurant? Is it some kind of brilliant cross of the two? As the name suggests, this bar and brasserie is located just off Stonegate and split into several rooms and a lovely outdoor area, which is heated and covered when necessary so that the vagaries of the British weather do not interfere! They have everything here, from snacks, sandwiches and light lunches through to steak and ale pies, vegetarian chillis, steaks and burgers. Portions are generous and complemented by a range of local cask ales and an extensive wine list. You can of course just have a drink if you prefer – this is still a (kind of) pub, after all!

The best restaurants in York - Stonegate Yard

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